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UPS delivers first package with Cincinnati company's drone

Sep 15, 2017

Press Release

A Cincinnati company's drone delivered its first package for logistics giant UPS earlier this year.

UPS (NYSE: UPS) delivered its first package using a drone and electric truck combination from Cincinnati-based Workhorse. Check out the video above for the drone in action.

"UPS famously only turns right on red. They have 80,000 trucks on the road and they designed their delivery software to only turn right on red, because you can imagine all the diesel fuel they burn sitting at a red waiting to turn right," Workhorse president Duane Hughes told me.

"If they can reduce their routes by one mile every single day, we'd save $50 million a year. That's why we've designed integrated drone delivery as part of our electric trucks."

UPS made its first drone delivery back in February. Hughes said Workhorse has flown with other companies as well, but he couldn't name who. Amazon has famously floated the idea of making deliveries through its Prime service using drones.

Check out the article here.

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