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Quantum XYZ to Use SureFly Hybrid Electric Octocopters in Quest to be First Electric Air Taxi Service in Los Angeles

Nov 29, 2018

Press Release

SureFly Personal Electric Octocopter designed for ease of operation and safety

CINCINNATI, Nov. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Workhorse Group Inc. (NASDAQ:WKHS), an American technology company providing sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions, announced today that Quantum XYZ Incorporated, a Los Angeles-based Urban VTOL air carrier service, has placed a pre-order for Workhorse SureFly Personal Electric Octocopters valued at $2 million. Quantum XYZ plans to use the SureFlys to become the first air taxi service in Los Angeles.

"The SureFly is an American-made eVTOL currently pursuing FAA Type Certification with a smart design that emphasizes safety, all of which is important to us," said Tony Thompson, President of Quantum XYZ. "Quantum XYZ plans to submit its application to become a FAA certified Urban VTOL air carrier. Once SureFly receives FAA Type Certification, we feel that together, Quantum and SureFly will be in a position to bring the first Urban VTOL air service to market."

"Having hybrid-electric eVTOLs as a safe, fast, convenient method of travel is an idea for today," said Steve Burns, Chief Executive Officer of Workhorse. "We are very excited to be a part of Quantum's initiative to become the first eVTOL air taxi service in Los Angeles" continued Mr. Burns.

"We invite a future where safe, on-demand air travel is as ubiquitous as car service, a future in which aircrafts consume half the energy but generate twice the fun. We're excited to partner with Workhorse in our efforts to bring the first Urban VTOL air carrier service to market, starting with a SureFly launch fleet in Los Angeles," stated Zeeshan Moha, Vice President and Chief Route Architect of Quantum XYZ.

SureFly, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Workhorse, is currently testing under an experimental certificate with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). SureFly has submitted its Type Certification application for the SureFly eVTOL aircraft.

About Workhorse Group Inc.

Workhorse is an American technology company focused on changing the way the world works by providing sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions. As an original equipment manufacturer, Workhorse designs and builds high performance battery-electric vehicles, including trucks, aircraft and drones. They also develop cloud-based, real-time telematics performance monitoring systems that are fully integrated with their vehicles to enable fleet operators to optimize energy and route efficiency. All Workhorse vehicles are designed to make the movement of people and goods more efficient and less harmful to the environment.

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