January, 2021

Workhorse… The leader in last-mile delivery technology.

In this video of Verizon’s CEO 2021 Consumer Electronic Show’s kickoff speech you can see Workhorse’s Horsefly drone deliver a package from the top of a UPS-owned Workhorse electric delivery truck. Very impressive. The future is now.

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The Horsefly™ UAV

Is a custom built, high-efficiency delivery UAV that is fully integrated with our line of electric delivery trucks. The Horsefly system is designed to conform to the FAA guidelines for UAV operation in the U.S. Most notably, being fully integrated with delivery trucks, the system is designed such that a driver or driver’s assistant can maintain line-of-sight operation of the UAV delivery process.

AERES Delivery App

AERES is a custom Horsefly user control center. Built by Workhorse this technology allows the user a variety of monitoring options which include location of: package, truck, drone and real time onboard video of Horsefly.


Our autonomous system is intergrated with the C1000 Electric Delivery Vehicles. The truck is the jumping off point for the drone and then the pair will meet after the delivery is complete. The truck features a control center for the driver and auto-landing Horsefly roof with charging capabilities.

Horsefly Drone

The Horsefly is a 4 rotor UAV that can fly fully autonomously. Our custom-built drone is designed for safety, efficiency, and can undergo the rigors of day to day delivery.

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The Horsefly is an autonomous package delivery drone. We are constantly adopting new technology to maximize payload and efficiency.

Category Specifications
Empty Weight: 10,389 grams / 22.9 pounds
Payload Capacity: 4,535 grams / 10 pounds
Maximum Speed: 40 knots / 46 statute miles per hour
Battery Pack 40000 mAh battery pack
Communication 4G LTE / Telemetry / 2.4G
Flight Time 50 min (empty); 25 min (max payload)


Our delivery app gives the customer full capabilites once the package is purchased. The user can decide where the package will be delivered on their property. Location updates and real-time flight video are just some of the features.


Choose the exact location of the delivery on your property.


Watch your package on its journey to your doorstep.


Real-time onboard Horsefly video.



Share with your network.


Cancel delivery if necessary.


Horsefly Speed, Package Weight, and much more.

Safety is the main priority of the Horsefly Delivery System.

The Horsefly was designed with many safety features that include: prop guards, image avoidance, and the ability to fly with a nonfunctional motor or propeller. We have redundancy built into the Horsefly at every level. The software allows for human monitoring and can be intercepted if needed.

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Workhorse is working closely with The FAA. All deliveries are done in adherence to regulations and under full cooperation of U.S. Air Traffic Control.

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The only USA patented truck drone launched system.


Last-Mile Delivery Projects

Horsefly UAV System

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UPS Feb 2017

Workhorse has collaborated with UPS to test the Horsefly Delivery System on actual UPS delivery routes. UPS estimates that, "...a reduction of just one mile per driver per day over one year can save UPS up to $50 million."

Press Release Video Interview
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StockX Dec 2018

We recently delivered shoes to some lucky StockX customers in the Detroit area with the Electric NGEN and the fully autonomous Horsefly Delivery System.

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Workhorse June 2018

Drone delivery may be closer to reality than you think! And not only in England, where Amazon is testing it. A Loveland, Ohio, company is testing it in its own neighborhood. The idea is that the drone is an assistant to the truck driver. We flew Sky9 along with a test flight Thursday. Workhorse

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Cooper Hewitt Dec 2018

The Horsefly Drone was on display at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City.

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UPS and CDC April 2020

Delivery for COVID



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