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Gasoline electric octocopter with ballistic parachute for safety! "Surefly" : CES 2018

Jan 24, 2018



Check out the video here.

We are getting closer and closer to being able to ride in drones. Some day soon we will be able to pull up an app like for example UBER AIR and request to be picked up on the roof of a hotel. A drone with 2 seats will show up and off you go! No pilot license needed. No pilot needed! Just get in and fly away. I spotted this octocopter at CES 2018 sitting in the front lot. Its body is made of carbon fiber so its strong and light weight. It has 8 props with 8 individual electric motors so it powerful. It runs on electricity but also has a gas powered engine to recharge the batteries so basically it doesn't need a charge station. Just a gas station. And the biggest surprise is that it has a ballistic parachute in case everything fails. Now that is a feature I wish all aircraft had. You can buy one for $200,000 in 2019. Pre-orders are being taken now.

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