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Workhorse Group to build electric pick up truck

Nov 7, 2016


Behind the Wheel

Kate Richards

The Workhorse Group has been making serious inroads in the local delivery truck market in the U.S. and now the company is branching out into pick-up trucks.

The company saying in a statement today that the new offering will feature an electric drive range of around 80 miles (128km) and then power will be supplied to the vehicle by way of a BMW range extender petrol engine.

To be known as the Workhorse W-15, the model is expected to be in production in 2018.

The company telling us that the electric pick-up truck represents an opportunity to bring tremendous fuel savings and emissions reduction to the streets of America without sacrificing functionality.

Additionally, the W-15 ‘s goal is to be the safest pick-up truck on the market with its large frontal crumble zone and low center of gravity.

While Steve Burns, Workhorse CEO, says the offering will also deliver a cost of ownership to fleets that can’t be beaten.

“We believe this will be the first plug-in range-extended electric pickup truck built from the ground up by an OEM in America. It’s not a conversion vehicle,”

“We feel the extended range capability from the combination of Panasonic batteries and an on-board generator, will deliver the performance that fleet managers expect from a work truck.”

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