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Workhorse Unveils 80 Mile Plug In Hybrid W15 Truck

Nov 11, 2016


Workhorse Group has announced the development of a plug-in hybrid truck, the Workhorse W-15.

The Cincinnati-based company intends to begin fleet sales in 2018 for less than $50,000, and that is before the $7,500 federal tax credit is factored in. Workhorse W-15

Articles about the project encourage us that there will be market for light-duty trucks, as for example North Carolina-based Duke Energy intends to purchase at least 500 by 2019.

The Workhorse W-15 will have up to 80 miles all-electric range (and an additional 310 miles of hybrid/petrol range).

Battery cells for the W-15 will be supplied by Panasonic (classic 18650 cells) and then assembled into packs in Cincinnati, while the truck production itself will take place at Workhorse factory in Union City, Ind.

The truck will be designed from the ground-up by Workhorse, and equipped with an all-wheel drive powertrain with two electric motors (one per axle), internal combustion generator, standard J1772 charging inlet and low and high voltage outlets.

Towing capability and the same ground clearance as a standard pickup were mentioned to ensure no compromises.

We have to say the truck market is clearly the one untouched segment of the transport industry that we are most excited about seeing electrified. Until this point, major OEMs seem to be hesitent to add a plug to a truck, for fear of hurting the margins of thier “cash cow”; perhaps this project will be the one to spur the big boys into action.

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