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Workhorse unveils pictures, specs of W 15 electric work pickup

May 3, 2017


Workhorse unveils pictures, specs of W-15 electric work pickup

It can travel 80 miles on a single charge, and it packs a gas-powered range extender.

by Andrew Krok

You might remember Workhorse Group from the drone-equipped UPS truck it built earlier this year. After the W-15 work truck comes out, though, something tells me that will be what Workhorse is known for.

Late last year, Workhorse teased the W-15, a truck that promised a range-extended electric drivetrain and plenty of capability. I called it vaporware. Now, Workhorse has finally unveiled images and specifications, and it's time for me to eat my hat, because it does exist after all. Mea culpa.

There aren't too many extended-range electrics that look like they want to punch you in the face, but the W-15 is one of 'em.

The look is pretty similar to other pickups, albeit bulkier. Most curves have been replaced with hard edges, and the headlights look like they're peeping out from behind Shredder's mask. It's very gnarly, and it looks like it belongs on a work site, which is good, because it does.

Under the hood is a drivetrain similar to the Chevy Volt. Primary propulsion comes from electric motors at all four wheels. Output is rated at 460 horsepower, and it should hit 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, which is quick enough for a pickup. It'll go 80 miles on a single charge, and when it's running low, a gas-powered range extender will kick in to supply more juice.

The body is a carbon fiber composite, which is likely expensive, but it provides efficiency benefits by keeping curb weight low. It also features autonomous emergency braking and lane-departure warning, along with a 7.2-kilowatt power exporter that can power tools without the truck running.

For now, the W-15 is limited to a drivable prototype, which is currently on display at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California. Workhorse hopes to put the vehicle into production, with buyers taking delivery some time next year.

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