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Workhorse W15 is a high tech electric pickup truck concept

Nov 11, 2016


It deploys a futuristic design and top notch technologies – Panasonic batteries and the same range extender generator powertrain as in the BMW i3.

Commercial EV specialist Workhorse has announced its intention to produce an electric, range extender pickup – for now called W-15. The pickup is envisioned as a “light duty platform”, and one that has the same E-Gen powertrain that propels the delivery vans the Cincinnati-based manufacturer has been commercializing so far. The W-15 should draw power from Panasonic 18650 lithium ion batteries, which care said to be good for a range of approximately 80 miles (130 kilometers), which Workhorse thinks is good for the daily needs of the vast majority of fleet users.

There’s also all-wheel drive capability thanks to a pair of electric motors, one for each axle. No detailed specifications are given here, but if the powertrain is the same as in the Workhorse van then it should cook up 268 horsepower (200 kilowatts) and a huge 1,620 pound-feet (2,196 Newton meters) of torque. The range extender should be the same 650cc, two-cylinder BMW W20 motorcycle engine used in the van – which is the same thing BMW uses inside the i3. “We believe this will be the first plug-in hybrid, range-extended electric pickup truck built from the ground up by an OEM in America. It’s not a conversion vehicle,” commented Workhorse CEO Steve Burns.

Read the article here.

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