Featuring an All-Electric E-100

The Workhorse Group proudly offers an innovative work truck designed to revolutionize your last-mile delivery needs. Our All-Electric E-100 Model offers significant fuel and maintenance savings, while providing uncompromised performance for your fleet.


All-Electric Zero Emission Truck


Alpha Bread Trucks



Up to 100 Miles
Battery Pack
123 KWhr
J1772/ Level 2
On-board Charger
22 kWh
Gross Vehicle Weight
14,500/ 19,500/ 23,500 lbs.
Available Wheelbases
178", 190", 208"
700-1100 cu. ft.
5,000-7,000 lbs.
Metron Diagonstics

Battery Pack Warranty E-100

Workhorse is proud to offer an 8-year warranty on the battery packs, through the use of some of the safest and most reliable cells available from industry-leading Panasonic.


Workhorse electric trucks have demonstrated potential to deliver more than $150,000 total cost of ownership savings per truck. These savings come from:

400% improvement in fuel efficiency

60% or greater reduction in maintenance expense

Workhorse’s ground-breaking technology gives companies the ability to improve fuel efficiency from 5.5 MPG to more than 26 MPGe and to significantly lower fleet maintenance, redefining the economics of the package delivery business.

ROI Chart



Workhorse is proud to partner with Panasonic to offer some of the safest and most reliable battery technology available. Through our comprehensive onboard management system, our vehicles can guarantee robust performance in any duty cycle or weather condition

Panasonic Cells
Morgan Olson

Morgan Olson continues its tradition as the leading walk-in van body manufacturer in North America. Morgan Olson’s portfolio of customers serves a multitude of industries and delivery applications."



Maintenance is a critical aspect to the life and capability of a fleet. Workhorse offers support through a network of more than 400 dealers and service centers throughout the United States and Canada.


Companies That Use Workhorse Chassis

Workhorse has always been known for reliability, from its very beginning, used and always trusted by companies across the nation. With years of proven reliability and durability, the Workhorse Chassis symbolizes productivity and power for the E‑100 Truck, providing peace of mind in addition to cost savings.

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