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Metron™ is a proprietary Telematics system developed by Workhorse. This multi-platform application allows you to track and monitor the performance of all Workhorse vehicles in your fleet and collect the data you need to optimize route planning and monitor maintenance and fuel costs throughout the life of your vehicles.

The tools to move your business forward

Available on all Workhorse vehicles

Monitor Location

Monitor vehicles in realtime to make sure your drivers are following their route.


Be notified of vehicle warnings to minimize downtime.


Track performance and efficiency to optimize routes.
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Interactive map
View your trucks location in real-time.
Optimized delivery routes
Optimized delivery routes combined with low-emission vehicles minimizes your carbon footprint.


With the ability to analyze routes, top speeds, and energy usage you can shape your fleet to achieve optimal efficiency, saving you time and money.

Metron tracks 500+ vehicle data points every 10 seconds

Fully Customizable

GPS data to the cloud

Historical data is stored and can be viewed or used to run reports.

Last Charge

Track individual trucks and their routes with the ability to quickly observe their distance and time since last charge.

Number of Stops

View the entire delivery route of the driver.

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Get ahead of the game with METRON

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