C-Series Vehicles


The C1000 step van sets a new standard in design and efficiency for the last-mile delivery segment with its 1000 cubic foot vehicle weighing approximately 13,000 lbs. when fully loaded.

100% Electric

Workhorse C-Series vehicles are powered by a modular battery pack system, which provides between 105 kilowatt hours (kWh) when equipped with six battery packs and 70 kWh in its standard four pack configuration.

Low Floor Design

We lowered the floor of the entire vehicle which allows easy in and out access for the driver. This feature also increases the usable volume for packages in the cargo area.

Metron AP

Metron™ is a proprietary Telematics system developed by Workhorse. This multi-platform application allows you to track and monitor the performance of all Workhorse vehicles in your fleet and collect the data you need to optimize route planning and monitor maintenance and fuel costs throughout the life of your vehicles. More

Vehicle C1000
Motor Dual Axial Flux Interior Permanent Magnet Motors
Cargo Volume 1,000 cu.ft.
Wheelbase 190″
Overall Length 324″
Front Track 86”
Rear Track 86”
Body Width (Exterior) 88”
Body Width (Interior) 84”
Body Height 122”
Ground Clearance 7.25″
GAWR Front 5,000 Lbs.
GAWR Rear 8,000 Lbs.
Battery (4 Modules) 70 kWh, 100 Mile Range
Battery (6 Modules) 105 kWh, 150 Mile Range
Top Speed 68 MPH (Limited) 75 MPH (Max)
Brake System 4 Wheel Disc Hydraulic with ABS

Workhorse Designs Innovative Last-Mile Delivery Vehicles

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Pritchard EV is a premiere national dealer for electric vehicles and equipment. Contact them to reserve a C-1000 today.
Ryder strives to improve fleets through providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to keep businesses moving and lower costs. Contact them today to reserve a C-1000.
PRIDE EV is a turnkey operation that eases the process of assembling your sustainable fleet. As you transition to this new wave of transportation, our team will provide full-service support so we can build a greener future together.
Amerit’s team of fleet maintenance professionals leverages a nationwide infrastructure paired with electric and alternative fuel expertise, to provide custom-built maintenance programs to fleets across the country.

All vehicles made in the USA

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