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Workhorse Electric Trucks

Cut Costs. Reduce Emissions. Lead the Way.

Why Choose Workhorse?

Deep customer focus. Factory floor know-how. All working together to electrify what’s next in last-mile delivery.

Advantages of Electric Trucks:

Fewer moving parts

Durable, lightweight components

Less noise

Zero emissions

Freedom from high fuel costs

Dedicated maintenance and technical support from Workhorse


Incentives & Funding Opportunities

Save money while going electric! Explore the many available incentives and funding opportunities available for electric truck fleets.

Delivering Real Business Benefits

Lean on Workhorse to learn how electric trucks can dramatically lower operating costs, shrink carbon footprints, and make last-mile delivery smarter and more comfortable for all.

Find a Workhorse Dealer

Navigate the road to zero-emissions with ease – find your nearest Workhorse dealer or GSA Sales representative, and explore options for leasing and financing.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Reach out to discover how Workhorse’s dependable, electric trucks can work for you.