Stables Charging and Service Hub for Commercial EVs

Stables by Workhorse

Charging and Service Hub for Commercial EVs


A Seamless Option for EV Adoption

Initial investment and infrastructure uncertainty for electric work vehicles can create barriers to adoption and achieving your zero-emission goals. To address these challenges, we’ve developed Stables by Workhorse, an all-in-one turnkey EV maintenance hub and fleet charging infrastructure solution.

Fully Charge Your Fleet

Stables by Workhorse provides independent fleet owners who want to electrify with access to charging stations for charge ups during the day or overnight at a competitive price without the need for capital investment in charging infrastructure.

Service Infrastructure

Maintenance and Workspace

Stables offers worry-free maintenance with dedicated EV service experts available for your fleet. As experts in fleet electrification , Stables also provides support and guidance for transitioning your fleet, including how to optimize your infrastructure to start taking advantage of the benefits of electrification immediately. Our Stables locations also feature meeting rooms, free WiFi, and amenities such as fully-functioning kitchens to act as a satellite location for your operations.

Converting a FedEx Ground Fleet

The value of our Stables infrastructure is already being proven. In 2022, we acquired and began managing the transition of a FedEx Ground fleet to all-electric in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our role includes both the package delivery operation as well as, charging management, maintenance, and service of this fleet as it tackles the day-to-day demands of last-mile delivery.

Beyond Ohio, we are excited to expand this model to other strategic locations with key partners for both the public and private sectors. Through Stables, Workhorse is experiencing firsthand the challenges and benefits independent fleet operators encounter while executing last-mile delivery operations and making and the transition to electric vehicles.

Metron: Robust, Scalable, and Reliable Fleet Management Software

Workhorse’s proprietary Metron fleet management software puts extensive route, resource, and vehicle data at the palm of your hand.