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Charging Forward

The fully configurable all-electric W4 CC Cab Chassis

The W4 CC class 4 electric work truck changes the game for last-mile fleets, delivering across-the-board benefits over internal combustion commercial trucks.


Well Within Range

Powerful 118 kWh battery delivers up to 150 miles of range – enough to cover most any local fleet, single-shift operation route.

Zero-Emission Versatility

Customizable to suit your needs and bring lower operating costs and emissions to any work truck fleet.

Fleets That Run Smarter

Monitor performance, optimize routes, and track maintenance with Metron telematics



Vehicle Class Class 4
Payload Capacity 7,000 lbs.
GVWR 14,330
Range (UDDS-HD)* 150 Miles
Mileage/Efficiency .77 kWh/mi / 1.3 mi/kWh
44 MPGe
Battery Capacity 118 kWh
Certification MY 2022; FMVSS, ZEV
Charging Level 2 J1772 11 kW / ~11 hrs.
Level 3 CCS1 61 kW / 3-4 hrs.

*While Workhorse trucks work hard and go a long way, driver habits, inclement weather, and other factors can limit range. Your results may vary.

Ready for All Your Last Mile Delivery Needs


Package Delivery

Delivery of packages from a central hub to the customer’s doorstep
Icon Utility

Utility Services

Electricity, water, gas and other community services
Icon Wrench

Construction & Maintenance

Electrical, plumbing, landscaping, HVAC, and other contractors.

Industrial Services

Linens, uniforms, office supplies, and other business needs.


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