EV Trucking | Workhorse

All-Electric Versatility.
Available Now.

Flexible solutions for every electric work truck need.

Range, Power and a Better Drive.

Range and Payload for Every Upfit

Up to 150 miles*, 7,000 lb. payload, and upfit-ready to meet your workday demands.

Power to Spare

Get in and out of traffic with a nearly-instantaneous 546 lb-ft of torque.

A Better Workday

Eliminating engine noise and exhaust fumes scores big with drivers and communities alike.

*While Workhorse trucks work hard and go a long way, driver habits, inclement weather, and other factors can limit range. Your results may vary.

Upfit and Upgrade Your Fleet.

See how the W4 CC all-electric cab chassis brings power, comfort, and versatility to every Class 4 work truck application.

Refrigerated Body
Stake Bed-100
Step Van-100

Benefits for your business, the planet and your community.

Fuel Savings

Fuel savings, combined with reduced maintenance costs, can lead to significant annual savings for EV owners.

Zero Emissions

Electric trucks produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing the environmental impact on the planet.

Maintenance Savings

The electric drivetrain reduces parts, fluids, and maintenance, lowering downtime and costs.

Level 2 and Level 3 Charging

Supports affordable overnight charging and fast-charging as needed.

Noise Reduction

The absence of gear changes reduces noise, vibration, and driver fatigue.

Instant Acceleration

Electric motors provide instant torque, which can be advantageous for trucks that have frequent stops.

The W4 CC is available now so your journey to fleet electrification can begin today!