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W56 EV Step Van
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Purpose-Built & Available Now

Boost your fleet's efficiency with the electric W56 step van. Our powerful new Class 5/6 step van was designed to go 150 miles with a class-leading 10,000 lb. payload, so you can reach the road to zero emissions without compromising capability.

More power, more torque, and lower operating costs—find out why the W56 is the ideal electric work truck for fleets of all sizes.


Range, Capacity and Power to Spare

Range 1

All-Day Range

Thanks to the high-efficiency powertrain and regenerative capabilities, the W56 boasts a range up to 150 miles at full payload, a distance that easily covers 95% of typical delivery routes.*

Capable Storage Capacity

The large cargo area features 1,000 cu ft of flexible freight space and a class-leading 10,000 lb payload, ideal for any and all last-mile applications.

Powerful Torque

A compact and high-performance eAxle delivers an impressive 760 lb-ft of torque, giving you greater acceleration on the road and much lower maintenance costs off it.

*While Workhorse trucks work hard and go a long way, driver habits, inclement weather, and other factors can limit range. Your results may vary.


All-Electric &
Ready to Roll

The dependable W56 step van proves that you can be fully sustainable without sacrificing power. Built on a sturdy, lightweight frame and featuring class-leading cargo capabilities, the W56 is the perfect last-mile option for economical and eco-conscious fleets. The best part? It’s available right now.

Tax Credits Available Now

Workhorse vehicles qualify for up to $40,000 in federal incentives, with even more offered on a state-by-state basis. With plenty of cost-saving credits plus less mechanical maintenance, it’s no surprise that Workhorse offers a lower cost of ownership than traditional ICE vehicles.

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The Advantages of All-Electric

Significant Savings

In addition to state and federal incentives, EV owners enjoy considerable bottom-line benefits like zero fuel expenses and reduced upkeep costs when compared to traditional ICE vehicles.

Convenient Charging

Level 2 and Level 3 charging is more accessible and affordable than ever. Get plenty of power from an overnight charge, or take advantage of fast-charging as needed.

Manageable Maintenance

Fewer mechanical parts and a fully electric drivetrain mean less maintenance and upkeep for you, helping to reduce downtime and keep costs low.

Plenty of Pickup

Electric motors can achieve instant torque, which is especially advantageous for routes that require frequent stops.

Noise Reduction

With no clunky combustion engines or gear changes needed, Workhorse’s all-electric vehicles operate smoothly and almost silently, mile after mile.

Zero Emissions

All-electric Workhorse vehicles produce absolutely zero tailpipe emissions, resulting in more efficient operation and a cleaner eco-footprint for your business.

Need Class 4 Capacity?

The dependable W750 is ready to roll.

Haul up to 5,000 pounds in a 750 cubic foot cargo space with adjustable shelving and a 150-mile range.

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The W56 all-electric step van provides your fleet with the range, capacity, and efficiency you need for all your last-mile deliveries.

Drive one today.


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