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Embrace airborne last-mile delivery with Workhorse Aero’s drone solutions

Above & Beyond

Step into the future of drone delivery with Workhorse Aero's unmanned aerial systems. Strong, rugged, reliable, and safe, our all-electric drones can be fully integrated with our fleet of vehicles.

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Designed for automatic flight, our delivery drones feature low-impact profiles and a proprietary universal mounting plate. Along with convenient winch delivery and retrieval, our drones provide impressive payload capacities and flight ranges. They’re the ideal tools for last-mile delivery from the skies.

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With high-tech HD cameras and built-in LiDAR sensors, our drones allow the capture of high-quality video and images to support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. Paired with our proprietary software, our drone solutions give you the data to take your business even higher.


Flight is the Future

How can companies improve efficiency and save costs as the delivery industry continues to expand? The answer is overhead.

Commercial delivery drones allow businesses to expand their fleets to the skies while simultaneously optimizing their logistics operations.


Deliver a 10-pound package from point A to point B and spend 95% less on fuel than a medium-duty diesel truck.*

(Oh, and you can also cut greenhouse gas emissions by 84%.)

*Source: Patterns study published Aug 2022

Add Workhorse Aero drone solutions to your fleet for rugged reliability


Impressive range powered by all-electric battery


Faster delivery and surveying without deviation


An ideal option for hard-to-access areas


Precise imaging and data capture abilities


Constant communication with the rest of your fleet


Comprehensive data collection paired with our proprietary ground station control platform

industry leading

Multi-aircraft Operations

Workhorse Aero’s multi-aircraft capabilities rise above the competition allowing you to coordinate the operation of multiple drones from one hub to many destinations.


Collecting Data to Better Conserve

The USDA enlisted the Workhorse Aero Ops team to collect valuable aerial imaging, LiDAR, and optical typography data in the Mississippi wetlands. The USDA will use this critical data to assist in the management, restoration, and expansion of wetland conservation areas for years to come. Twenty-three separate flight operations took place, spanning over 970 acres of the wetlands.

Multispectral sensors capture near-infrared and ultraviolet light to create images that show agricultural threats not visible to the human eye.


World-class Manufacturing

Our new Aero facility in Mason, OH, hosts an amazing team of aerospace professionals building quality commercial drones to elevate your fleet.

  • 5000 drones/yr. manufacturing capacity by 2025
  • 75,000 sq. ft. factory floor
  • Built-in quality systems, production to aerospace standards

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