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WA4-200 “Falcon” UAS

Rugged and Reliable for When it Counts.

WA4-200 UAV

Deploying Durability

The WA4-200, also known as Falcon, is a heavy-duty, unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed for high-volume operations in rugged field environments, including humanitarian aid logistics operations (HALO).

Built for Action

When equipped with the proprietary universal mounting plate, the WA4-200 UAS can carry additional sensor payloads for applications such as dynamic data collection, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Carries up to 10 Pounds, for up to 10 Miles

Servo Delivery

Lightweight Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Frame

Powered by Two LiPo Batteries

LiDAR Range Sensor

Downward and Forward-facing Cameras

Big Lift

The WA4-200, a capable, yet lightweight, version of our commercial UAS, is ready to take on heavy-duty, high-volume jobs in tough terrain.

WA4-200 UAS


Height 17” / 43.168 cm
Length (Blades Open) 52.2” / 132.5 cm
Width (Blades Open) 52.9” / 134.4 cm
Aircraft (Empty) 12.78 lb /5.80 kg
Airframe (W/ Batteries) 24.24 lb /11.0 kg
Max Takeoff 34.19 lb / 15.507 kg
Max / Never Exceed 40 knots
Normal Cruise Up to 30 knots (Payload Dependent)
Flight Endurance:
Normal Operations 45 minutes (Payload Dependent)

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