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WA4-100 “Horsefly” UAS

Pioneering Last Mile Delivery and Beyond.

WA4-100 UAS

Goods from the Sky

WA4-100, also known as Horsefly, is a rugged, all-electric, multipurpose unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed to tackle a variety of commercial applications. Capable of automatic flight once launched, the WA4-100 uses a winch delivery system to provide safe, reliable, and precise last-mile delivery in various conditions.

Designed for Delivery and More

When equipped with the proprietary universal mounting plate, Horsefly can easily swap to a servo delivery system or carry sensor payloads for alternate commercial applications.

Carries up to 10 Pounds, for up to 10 Miles

Quiet, Low-impact Audio Profile

Powered by Two LiPo Batteries

Parachute Recovery System

LiDAR Range Sensor

Downward and Forward-facing Cameras

Winch or Servo Options

Proprietary Ground Control Station Software

Go Flight

Check out the WA4-100 UAS in action, including demonstration of multi-aircraft operations in close proximity. Last-mile delivery never looked so good.

WA4-100 UAS


Height 30” / 76.2 cm
Length (Blades Open) 52.2” / 132.5 cm
Width (Blades Open) 52.9” / 134.4 cm
Aircraft (Empty) 18.33 lb. / 8.32 kg
Airframe (W/ Batteries) 29.79 lb. / 13.52 kg
Max Takeoff 35.5 lb. / 16.1 kg
Payload Capacity 10 lbs. with Servo Delivery System 5.5 lbs with Parachute Recovery System (PRS) and Winch Delivery System
Max / Never Exceed 40 knots
Normal Cruise Up to 30 knots (Payload Dependent)
Flight Endurance:
Normal Operations 45 minutes (Payload Dependent)

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