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Leading the Charge: Workhorse and Kingsburg Truck Sales Bring Electric Trucks to California

California is a place known for setting trends and leading the way in environmental policy. It’s no surprise that the state is at the forefront of the push toward zero-emission transportation. To support this shift, Workhorse and Kingsburg Truck Sales have joined forces in a strategic collaboration to bring sustainable, battery-electric commercial trucks to California’s work truck and small fleet owners.

A Visionary Collaboration: Kingsburg and Workhorse

When Jerry Smith, President of Kingsburg Truck Sales, first encountered Workhorse’s W4 CC Class 4 electric truck, he knew it had the potential to revolutionize the market. “We’re excited to offer a solution that helps work truck owners in California meet ACF regulations,” said Smith. “The Workhorse W4 CC is a practical, reliable electric truck that replaces traditional ICE models without sacrificing performance.”

This sentiment led Kingsburg to commit to purchasing 141 units of the W4 CC, with deliveries set for 2024. This significant order, subject to receiving California’s HVIP vouchers, reflects Kingsburg’s confidence in the future of zero-emission work trucks and their commitment to helping customers transition smoothly to cleaner vehicles.

Meeting the Needs of Modern Fleets with BEV Trucks

The landscape of commercial trucking is evolving rapidly, driven by stringent regulations and a growing awareness of environmental impact. California’s Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) regulations are a key driver in this transformation, pushing fleet operators to adopt greener alternatives. The Workhorse W4 CC, with its zero-emission profile, is perfectly positioned to meet these new standards.

The W4 CC is more than just an electric truck; it’s a testament to what happens when innovation meets practicality. With a range of up to 150 miles and compatibility with Level 2 and Level 3 charging, it is ideally suited for local routes. Moreover, its purpose-built design means its upfit-ready to be customized for a variety of applications, from refrigerated and dry box trucks to utility work and landscaping.

Kingsburg: A Pioneer in Electric Vehicle Sales

Kingsburg Truck Sales’ journey with Workhorse began in December 2022, when they became the first Workhorse Certified EV dealer in California. Since then, they’ve played a crucial role in facilitating multiple purchase orders for Workhorse vehicles, earning the title of Workhorse’s 2023 Dealer of the Year.

Rick Dauch, CEO of Workhorse, praised the partnership: “Kingsburg Truck Sales has been an excellent partner, and their purchase of a large quantity of our W4 CCs underscores the quality and versatility of our electric work trucks. We’re confident that customers will appreciate the wide range of body options and upfit configurations available for the W4 CC, making it an ideal solution for various industries and trades.”

Seizing the Opportunity: Limited-Time Promotion

Understanding the immediate needs of work truck owners and small fleet operators, Kingsburg Truck Sales is offering a limited-time promotion on the Workhorse W4 CC. Customers can choose from three popular body options – Flatbed, Utility Bed, and Landscape Body – ensuring quick delivery and seamless integration into their operations.

Kingsburg Truck Sales Promotion For W4 Cc Upfit With Landscape Body

This promotion, available while supplies last and HVIP vouchers remain, provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to upgrade to zero-emission vehicles while taking advantage of significant financial incentives. The Workhorse W4 CC qualifies for up to $60,000 in incentives through California’s HVIP, aimed at offsetting the cost of clean vehicle purchases for eligible customers. Additional state and federal incentives may also be available, making this the ideal time to transition to electric.

The Road Ahead: Building a Sustainable Future

As Workhorse continues to innovate and expand its offerings in the electric last-mile delivery vehicle market, strategic partnerships with forward-thinking dealerships like Kingsburg Truck Sales will be instrumental. These collaborations are not just about selling trucks; they are about building a sustainable future where zero-emission vehicles become the norm rather than the exception.

Ready to make the shift to zero-emission commercial transportation? Learn more about our electric vehicles and the incentives available to you by visiting our incentives page. Visit www.workhorse.com/ev-trucking to learn more about the W4 CC, or contact Kingsburg Truck Sales at www.ktrucks.com to place your order today.