Fit for the Future: Workhorse Expands Product Offering with Upfit Solutions from Surefitters - Workhorse

Fit for the Future: Workhorse Expands Product Offering with Upfit Solutions from Surefitters

In the commercial vehicle industry, upfitting is often the secret ingredient that transforms standard trucks into customized, job-ready powerhouses. It’s a critical process that ensures each vehicle meets the unique demands of different industries. As the shift towards electric vehicles gains momentum, having a reliable upfit partner becomes even more vital. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with Surefitters, a leader in truck and van upfitting, to bring tailored, high-quality solutions to Workhorse’s medium-duty electric vehicles.

Work-Ready Solutions for a Variety of Needs

Surefitters Logo. Surefitters Is An Expert Upfitter Based In Rosemont, Mn

Workhorse recently announced a new partnership with Surefitters, an expert truck and van upfitter based in Rosemount, MN. The program launched in June, 2024 with 13 pre-configured packages specifically designed for Workhorse’s medium-duty electric vehicles. These packages cater to last-mile delivery and vocational trades for the W56 and W750 step vans. Additionally, full-body packages from ToughLite, CM Truck Beds, and Rugby are available for the W4 CC cab chassis. Packages are now available to Workhorse certified dealers. More options are expected throughout 2024 and beyond, ensuring fleet managers have access to the latest and most efficient upfitting solutions.

“We are thrilled to offer our commercial upfit packages for purpose-built Workhorse EV chassis. This partnership is a perfect match, resulting in superior work-ready trucks for customers.”

Mark Holman, President of Surefitters

Why Upfit Partners Matter

For fleet managers, having a solid upfit partner means improved quality control, consistent standards, greater convenience, and volume discounts. The Workhorse and Surefitters partnership offers a ship-thru solution, meaning commercial EV customers can expect not only top-notch vehicle performance but also peace of mind knowing their vehicles are equipped to handle their specific needs.

“Our partnership with Surefitters allows Workhorse vehicles to reach the market quickly with high-quality, turn-key packages put together by their national network of expert upfitters.”

Josh Anderson, Workhorse Chief Technology Officer

Fast-Tracking Reliable, Turn-Key Solutions

Workhorse commercial EVs are built for reliability and performance, featuring advanced battery-electric technology for zero-emission operation and customizable configurations for various industries. The collaboration with Surefitters enhances Workhorse’s offerings by streamlining the upfitting process, ensuring consistent quality, and providing fleet managers with efficient, ready-to-go solutions. This partnership highlights Workhorse’s commitment to sustainability and delivering practical, high-performance solutions for the commercial vehicle market.

As the industry evolves, partnerships like the one between Workhorse and Surefitters are essential for meeting the growing demand for sustainable, efficient, and reliable commercial vehicles. To learn more about the upfit packages and get behind the wheel of a Workhorse vehicle, contact us at