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Short Route, Big Impact: The W56 EV Step Van Shines in Urban Deliveries

Welcome to the second installment in our series following real-world demos of the Workhorse W56 EV Step Van. Today, we’re diving into the first day of a multi-week demo with a leading nationwide delivery fleet. To maintain confidentiality, the identity of our demo driver and company are withheld.

Meet Our Seasoned EV Step Van Driver

Our driver brings an impressive amount of experience to the table, having spent decades in the delivery industry. Their expertise and knowledge of fleet delivery vehicles makes them the perfect candidate to put the W56 to the test. In fact, this driver has over five years of experience driving an EV delivery van—a legacy Workhorse E-gen!

The Workhorse Team Behind the Scenes of the W56 Demo

This is a good time to explain the work and preparation that goes into a vehicle demo. Before the W56 is delivered, a dedicated Workhorse team ensures the vehicle meets the customers’ specifications. From confirming the vehicle is upfit and ready for service to analyzing real-time telematics data, our team works tirelessly to ensure a seamless demo experience. During the demo, engineers and service techs are on standby to monitor the vehicle’s performance and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, early in the demo, a Workhorse instructor rides along in the jump seat to provide hands-on training on everything from charging port to door latch. The team’s expertise and quick response ensures that our customers have the support they need, throughout the demo and beyond.

Kicking off the day, the duo encountered a minor hiccup with charging due to the depot’s placement of the existing EV charging cable. However, thanks to some creative thinking and strategic positioning of the W56, they started the route with a solid 96% state of charge (SOC). With the vehicle fully loaded, our team wasted no time getting behind the wheel and hitting the road.

A Tour of the City

The day’s journey took them through downtown city streets, with bulk stops at stadiums and high-rise buildings. Despite the high cargo volume and tight quarters, ample visibility in the W56 allowed the driver to handle the load with ease. As the route progressed, our driver seamlessly navigated through parking lots, industrial parks, and multi-unit apartments, delivering packages with zero-emission efficiency. By lunchtime, the driver was fully acclimated to driving the W56 and felt confident completing the route alone, so Steve was dropped off at the depot.  

A Successful First Day with the W56

Wrapping up the day with an impressive 86% battery SOC remaining, our driver reflected on their experience. At only 30 miles, this short but delivery-dense route is a great fit for EV last-mile delivery. For routes like this, it’s feasible that the W56 could go for nearly a week between charges, saving time, money, and avoiding emissions.

The demo has continued to proceed smoothly without issues as our team gathers insightful feedback for future design and upfit considerations. This proactive approach underscores our commitment to continuous improvement. Some suggestions are already being reviewed by Workhorse engineering, demonstrating our dedication to refining our vehicles based on real-world feedback. 

Overall, the customer’s demo driver expressed confidence in the W56’s capabilities—proving that when it comes to reliability and performance, Workhorse delivers! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow the demo adventures of the Workhorse W56 EV Step Van. Learn more and see if the W56 is the right vehicle for your fleet at

Of course, the best way to appreciate a Workhorse vehicle is to drive one. We have vehicles in production and available for delivery now. Contact us to begin your zero-emission journey today.