Pioneering Last-Mile Delivery: Workhorse Drives Clean Energy Action - Workhorse

Pioneering Last-Mile Delivery: Workhorse Drives Clean Energy Action

Workhorse Electric Commercial Work Trucks For Last-Mile Delivery

October is National Clean Energy Action Month, a time to recognize progress toward the adoption of clean energy and reinforce commitments to a sustainable and energy-secure nation for future generations. At Workhorse, we are leading the transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles with our all-electric commercial trucks and drones designed for last-mile delivery.

Workhorse: Setting a New Standard in Last-Mile Delivery

Workhorse purpose-built solutions are engineered to perfect the last-mile, or final phase of the delivery process from a distribution center to the customer’s doorstep. Our electric trucks are equipped with an ample payload and 150-mile range. That’s more than enough, according to ACT Research, to cover most single-shift routes for Class 4-6 commercial vehicles.

Similarly, Workhorse Aero delivery drones are engineered to carry up to 10 pounds for up to 10 miles, which can supplement a significant portion of last-mile package delivery with practically no greenhouse gas emissions.    

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability and Efficiency

Advanced technology available in electric vehicles, like regenerative braking, intelligent battery management, and route optimization algorithms are meticulously designed to maximize performance, reduce emissions, and ultimately boost your bottom line. A recent study from the International Council on Clean Transportation found that electric delivery trucks emit upwards of 40% fewer greenhouse gases than their diesel counterparts.

But electric vehicles aren’t just good for the planet; they’re good for the bottom line. Fewer moving parts mean significantly less maintenance and operational expense, not to mention the cost savings in diesel fuel! These savings, paired with state and federal incentives are a win-win for those looking to convert their fleet.

Workhorse Aero Drone Solutions Uas
The WA4-100 “Horsefly” drone is engineered for commercial delivery applications

Last-Mile Delivery Drones: Taking Efficiency to New Heights

In an age where speed and precision matter, electric delivery drones are redefining what’s possible in last-mile logistics. Workhorse commercial drones are engineered for precise, durable, safe operations, ensuring reliable and secure delivery to even the most challenging locations. These aerial marvels are engineered to navigate the urban landscape with pinpoint accuracy. Studies have shown that integrating electric drones into last-mile delivery systems can further optimize routes and significantly reduce emissions. By incorporating Workhorse Aero drones into your delivery ecosystem, you’re not just streamlining operations; you’re also embracing the next frontier in efficiency.

Made in the USA: Powering Economic Development and Energy Independence

Did you know that Workhorse has world-class EV & drone manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Indiana?

With nearly 500,000 sq. ft. of combined manufacturing space, we are fully equipped to lead the transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles and drones. It’s a testament to our commitment to driving energy security and economic prosperity. By producing locally, we are creating jobs that bolster American industry and foster innovation.

The commercial electric vehicle industry is evolving, and Workhorse is leading the way. Join us in this electrifying journey towards a cleaner, more efficient future. For more information about how Workhorse can transform your last-mile delivery operations, visit our website or contact us.